Rapid Catheter

Co-Lab is your dedicated group of catheter engineers
focused on rapid, high quality catheter development.

Decades of combined medical device design and development experience.
Rapid Prototyping

Our Co-Lab team works with you to deliver prototypes faster thanks to our readily available materials and in-house technologies.

Design Selection

Our catheter design experts help you iterate through designs to identify the highest performing solution.

On-Site Collaboration

Co-Lab is highly collaborative in nature. We give you direct access to our industry leading catheter engineers for a hands-on, transparent approach.

What is


Co-Lab with MIS is our responsive & accessible development team. We set out to create the best advanced development group in an industry plagued by a challenging funding environment, constant market shifts, and lengthy development cycles.

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Industry Expert Engineers

The Co-Lab team is led by some of the industry's best and brightest catheter engineers with decades of experience working on complex catheter systems.

Material Access

Leverage our inventory of on-hand materials to start developing your catheter system faster

The MIS Handle

Does your catheter require a handle? MIS offers a cost effective, customizable off-the-shelf handle system to get your device to it's next milestone.

What to expect from Co-Lab

We are committed to delivering an unmatched engineering experience as your catheter services provider. 
When you work with the Co-Lab team you can expect the following:

1 Week

The Co-Lab team works fast to deliver you prototypes when you need them. With readily-available materials and in-house technologies, we can expedite the development of your product.


You can expect to see time & cost-savings when iterating with the Co-Lab team due to our readily available materials, in-house technologies, and experienced engineers.


Working with the Co-Lab team is a transparent process. You will receive frequent progress updates, and we welcome you as an integral part of the design process, including on-site visits to work directly with the Co-Lab team.

Prototype faster with the MIS Handle

Use the MIS 'off-the-shelf' handle to get your device to it's next milestone. Our handle can be easily customized to your device's needs with helpful features such as steerability, locking, deployment sliders, built in strain relief, and more.

The MIS handle let's you iterate your device faster, and cut's out expensive and time intensive handle development which can slow progress on early stage programs.


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