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At MIS, catheter design services are our specialty. We have built our company around offering a winning combination of industry veterans and in-house technologies to expedite quality product development for medical devices.

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Testing services for catheter systems.


Medical device Design History File (DHF) management.


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Discover what the journey to commercialization looks like with our design control process. This is a comprehensive look into the 5 phase process MIS created for catheter development.

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A-La-Carte catheter design & development.

Whether you are in need of low-volume prototypes to prove feasibility, or you are looking for a partner to take you through regulatory submission and commercialization, we meet your needs wherever you are.

A catheter handle made by Midwest Interventional Systems.

Off-The-Shelf Catheter Handle

Reach your milestones faster by leveraging our internal handles.

Get through animal studies, first-in-human trials, feasibility studies or whatever milestones you face next with our fast and cost effective internal handles. With a wide range of French support and a variety of built-in features, you can fast-track your catheter system's success.

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5-Phase Design Control Process

We follow a proven 5-phase design control process to design and develop your medical device.

Concept development & Optimization.

Develop and evaluate initial designs, design inputs, project requirements, project budget and timeline, and any additional customer requirements.

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Establishing target design requirements.

Continuing to develop the product design, the associated manufacturability processes, and the required test methods.

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Proving safety and device functionality.

conduct design verification and validation testing to demonstrate that the design outputs meet the design inputs.

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Phases 4 & 5, and beyond.

The final phases of the Development Process are Process Validation and Commercialization. The purpose of Process Validation is to establish a manufacturing process that consistently meets all product requirements without the need for ongoing verification testing.

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