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Bringing Therapies to Life
At Midwest Interventional Systems we partner with inventors and medical device companies to bring your therapies to life. We expedite your design process with rapid, cost-effective prototyping and testing. We use our variety of experience and quality-focused approach to engineer solutions that meet your requirements and ensure that manufacturability won't be a barrier to long-term success.
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Bringing Therapies to Life

Catheter Design, Development, and Manufacturing  
How do you ensure your design is effective, your process is robust, and your finished product is scalable?  Engage our engineers now to find out how we can achieve this on your project and why our customers consider us the most dependable, responsive, and competent partners in the industry.

We specialize in Catheters, Delivery Systems, and Minimally Invasive Devices

Whether you need finished devices or critical components, at Midwest Interventional Systems we understand what you're looking for in your development and manufacturing partner.  Our core capabilities cover the full spectrum of engineering services required to bring your product from the drawing board to market.


Our Capabilities

At Midwest Interventional Systems, we understand the importance of providing high quality medical components and devices. Our offering of minimally invasive component technologies and services include:

We leverage our component level technologies and incorporate them into minimally invasive based delivery systems to expedite development and lower costs for our customers. Our catheter expertise includes:

Medical Device Design & Development

At Midwest Interventional Systems, our highly experienced team of program managers and engineers are able to competently and expeditiously guide you through all five phases of your medical device’s development. Learn more about our Design & Development services and process:

Medical Device Manufacturing

At Midwest Interventional Systems, we are positioned perfectly to support all of your manufacturing needs. We work closely with our customers to provide the level of manufacturing services necessary for their success. Our manufacturing services include:

Our Values

“Your values create your internal compass that can navigate how you make decisions in your life. If you compromise your core values, you go nowhere.”
- Roy T. Bennett
Quality is our #1 goal in manufacturing. It is essential for safe devices and consistent business.
Strong partnerships are built on trust. We believe trust is implicitly granted at the beginning of a relationship and then strengthened through good partnership. We strive to always be strengthening the trust we share with customers, vendors, and team members.
Our business is built on strong partnerships. We join forces with our customers, vendors, and team members to achieve common goals. We are not driven by individual transactions.
Creativity will help propel us into the future.  Without creativity a business will eventually fall behind competitors and stagnate.  Our wide-ranging experience and penchant for trying new things will enable us to develop creative, innovative, and technologically superior solutions.
Greater Good
The world is bigger than us and the moment we live in. We want to be a valued member of the community. Our good fortune is used to pay it forward to a world that needs positive influence.

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Interested in how we can help you with your medical device and delivery system needs? Connect with us today!


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