Adam Ahmad

Founder & President/CEO

Adam is currently President and CEO of Midwest Interventional Systems. Previously, at CardioKinetix, manufacturer of a novel transcatheter implant (Parachute ventricular partitioning device), Adam held a cross-functional role in the quality group working closely with R&D and manufacturing.  There, he gained the perspective of a first class quality manager, working under very strong leadership with a firm commitment to product quality.  Prior to that, he was a leader in the Design Services group at Creganna Medical in Campbell, CA. There, he developed a broad understanding of catheter-based technologies while working on over 15 projects in all stages of the product life-cycle. In addition, he developed polymer extrusion engineering skills by working on extrusion lines to enhance the process and improve product quality.  Prior to that, Adam worked at his father’s medical device company for 12 years in roles including design, R&D, quality, operations, and manufacturing.  He worked on projects designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing many different intravascular implants, including a coronary stent graft and a neuro stent.  Adam received his B.S. in Chemistry and Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota in 2010.

Adam enjoys spending time with his wife, Kadie. They enjoy traveling, puzzles, reading, and the outdoors.

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