Catheter and Device Assembly

The MIS team has decades of experience in catheter and device assembly. Our manufacturing engineers have experience in both low- and high- volume production for products including:  

  • Delivery Systems
  • Reinforced Catheters  
  • Steerable Catheters
  • Micro Catheters
  • Balloon Catheters
  • Nitinol Components and Devices
  • Implant Attachment and Manufacturing
  • Handle Assembly
  • Product Kitting

In addition to our catheter and device expertise, Midwest Interventional Systems can also manage: 

  • Receiving and inspection
  • Packaging & labeling

Whether your project requires a component level technology, or a fully packaged and sterilized device, our team has the skills and experience to manufacture your product.  

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Catheter and Device Assembly
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