Reinforced Catheters

Reinforced catheters are a critical component in delivery systems for many of today's minimally invasive procedures. When designing a reinforced catheter, there are several performance characteristics to consider:

  • Bend Radius
  • Tensile Strength
  • Torsional Rigidity
  • Pushability
  • Flexibility
  • Burst Pressure

At Midwest Interventional Systems, we specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing custom reinforced catheters to meet all of your performance requirements. We commonly work with reinforced catheters with the following design features:

  • 2F-32F
  • Liner Material – PTFE, FEP, Polyimide,Thermoplastics
  • Reinforcement Types – Braided, Coiled, Laser Cut Hypotubing
  • Radiopacity – Marker band swaging, RO loaded extrusions
  • Jacket Material – Nylons, Pebax®, Polyurethanes

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Reinforced Catheters
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