As intravascular technologies become more compact, microcatheters allow for delivery of therapies into more distal and smaller vasculature. In condensing these delivery systems, the components and processes involved in development and manufacturing of microcatheters require a high level of precision. To meet the demanding performance requirements of microcatheters, there are many design features that we focus on, including:

  • Thin walled catheter construction
  • Tapered inner and outer dimensions along the length of the microcatheter
  • Braid/coil hybrid designs

There are minor nuisances that can arise from developing and manufacturing a microcatheter without the proper experience, so it is critical to identify a partner that is well versed in microcatheter development. With our engineering team’s year of expertise in designing and manufacturing microcatheters, we are ready and able to be your go-to partner for the development of your delivery system.

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