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Introducing our brand new Custom Design Tool. Get a quote faster than ever.

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Introducing our brand new Custom Design Tool. Get a quote faster than ever.

Design Your Custom Extrusion Now!

Nickel Titanium, commonly known as Nitinol, is a metal alloy of nickel and titanium that has incredibly useful properties for medical devices. Nitinol can deform 10-30 times as much as ordinary metals, and still return to its original shape, allowing for various therapeutic applications.

At Midwest Interventional Systems, we help with the development of your nitinol components and devices. Our experience spans machine braided, hand braided, and shape set nitinol stents, baskets, snares, and catheter components.

Learn more about our nitinol operations below...

Machine Braided

Machine braided nitinol can be used for implantable medical devices and allows us to create accurate and repeatable structures, with advanced braid configurations for the most specific application needs.

Shape Set

Shape set nitinol is achieved by constraining the material in a fixture of the desired shape and size and applying an appropriate heat treatment followed by rapid cooling via air or water. Shape setting allows for reliably reproducible components that take advantage of nitinol's shape memory properties.

Take full advantage of nitinol with our rapid in-house prototyping capabilities.

Medical extrusions are a critical component in finished device assemblies. As a result, it is important to focus on several features when specifying an extrusion:

Inner and Outer Diameter Tolerances

Wall Thickness



Resin Composition

Midwest Interventional Systems has the expertise to design and manufacture your extrusions in-house. Our experience with medical extrusion includes:

Non-Compliant / Semi-Compliant:

Support Through Commercialization

2mm - 25mm OD

10 mm - 180mm Body Length


R & D Support Through Phase 3

8mm - 25mm OD

14 mm - 120mm Body Length


Nylon 12

Low & High Durometer Pellethane

Low & High Durometer Pebax



Lead Times:

6 weeks Standard

4 weeks Expedite

2 Weeks With Stocked Resin / Tooling

Min Order Quantity:

25 Balloons for New Custom PN

See Online Store for In-Stock Components

Download Balloon Capability Sheet

Single Lumen Extrusion Design

Multilumen Extrusion Design

Profile Extrusion Design


Up to 4 Lumen Multi-Lumen Extrusions

Single Lumen Extrusions From 0.030” to 0.375”

Stocked Resins:

Pebax 25D, 35D, 40D, 55D, 63D, 72D Natural

Pebax 63D, 72D in 295C Blue Color

Pellethane 80A, 90A, 55D, 65D, 75D

Vestamid ML21, ML24, ME40 and ME55

HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, Polypro, and Delrin

Standard Lead Times:

10 Day Turnaround

5 Day Turnaround

Additional Expedite Options Available

Minimum Run Size

300 Feet

Download Extrusion Capability Sheet

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